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Elizabeth Layne Heirloom

I am so excited to announce my partnership with Elizabeth Layne Heirloom, vintage heirloom clothing for children.

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I have been follwing Christy, the owner of Elizabeth Layne, for a while now.  As the mother of a young daughter myself, I always had to stop and and sigh over the beauty of her handmade –oh my gosh I NEED that– clothing. Back in the day, as they say, mothers and grandmothers used to spend hours upon hours sewing and embelishing special garments for their children. With our busy lifestyles that we live today, it has become all but a lost art. Well, now you can have your very own, pass me down for generations, custom made, special heriloom piece. Everything that Christy uses is hand selected for its timelessness and quality. The way that she approaches children’s dress making is truly unique and not made for the masses or a quick sale. Which led her to me. Christy, being a photographer herself, has an appreciation for capturing and treasuring pictures of how we are right now, to be looked at in the future, and bring remembrance to certain times of our lives. Along with Christy, bringing back somewhat of an old tradition, I too am bringing back an old tradition, classic oil portraiture. While staying traditional, we both incorporate modern techniques and practices in our art. Christy and I have been fans of each other for a while now and when I announced swtiching over to oil portraits, she contacted me right away. What goes better with an heirloom timeless hand made gown than an oil portrait of your sweet child wearing it? Unfortunatley, your children wont let you dress them forever and after a certain age, chubby cheeks surrounded by lace will be a fleeting memory. While Christy has customers from all over the US, my clientelle has been limited to right here in south Louisiana. I have decided to open up a select number of portrait comissions just for Christy’s clients. Her clients will be able to purchase their children(s) clothing and then commission an oil portrait from me at a special rate. I just love looking at Christy’s clothing so much and it is even more delicious to paint. More details can be found here.  These comissions will be limited as customer service is very important to me and in order for me to give each client my absolute best, I have to limit the amount of work that I am able to take on.  I am currently not photographing my own clients as the weather is too dreary and cold for outdoor portraits and I am still putting together my studio.  I should be able to start taking on new clients for both photography and painting soon, but until then, I will be working with Christy.  I will be working exclusively with her clients for now. Commissions from her clients will be the only clients that I will be painting as far as clients that aren’t photographed by me.

  • January 23, 2016 - 12:27 pm

    Rachel - I am interested in getting an oil painting and two outfits for my boys.. Will you honor the original discount that you were offering on Instagram?ReplyCancel

    • January 24, 2016 - 8:55 pm

      erin - Yes Ma’am 🙂 emailed you back. Thanks so much.ReplyCancel

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