Meet the Artist

Hi There!

I got the name ell from my initials, Erin Landry Lato. My business name will soon be changing to a simple “Erin Lato” as I transition from general children’s photography to strictly oil painted portraits. I will still be photographing my clients for their oil portrait but the focus of my business will be on the finished product, the painting, verses the photography. This is such a bittersweet change as I feel so closely connected to my photography business and the name that I have made for myself but believe I have transformed and refined myself as an artist and the change is necessary. While I am in this transition period, everything on my website won’t be perfect and things may be confusing but what artist isn’t a bit messy at times? I am currently not accepting any new clients as I have offered paintings to my current clients and have a full list before I can open up bookings to new clients.